Moza R5 Vs Csl Dd

Moza R5 Vs Csl Dd – Which Wheel To Buy in 2023?

Are you currently utilizing a G27 to mostly play RBR and would like to improve your equipment?

Do you have a choice between the Fanatec CSL DD and the Moza R5 vs the Moza R9? and are contemplating which to select?


It Depends.   I was thinking about doing the same thing a few months ago and decided on Fanatec. I enjoy how everything, including the handbrake and shifter, links to the wheelbase and then to my PC through a single USB wire. I also preferred Fanatec’s wheel rim offering. As you indicated, I think Moza’s wheels look like hot garbage and cost more than most Fanatec’s.

Shipping to Finland took only a week, and I had one VERY pleasant RMA experience with my handbrake cable. I’ve been quite pleased with my DD PRO and everything else; I have no issues.

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If you forego the rim with buttons, you can definitely get into Moza for around $200-300 less. While I have a button wheel, I usually use a deep analog circular dish screwed straight into the quick-release and change gears with a pattern shifter. You can also use a keyboard or a button box like a USB numpad. You will then have more pedal alternatives because you are no longer confined to one ecosystem, as well as more options for improvements in the future.

Moza R5 Vs Csl Dd

My friend, on the other hand, did not have the same experience. In fact, he said to me:

I wish I could suggest Fanatec. I’ve had my dd pro since February. The first one arrived with dead pedals…rma took about a month before I purchased any new pedals to use. Everything was great until Thursday of this week. I turned it off as usual. I turned it on today to play, but the wheel doesn’t connect for some reason. I tried reseating the wheel and shaft…nothing worked. I’m dreading going through the tech support process all over again.

If you’re not on console, I’d strongly advise you to spend your money elsewhere.

When the dd pro worked, it was fantastic.

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