The mission is to create a safe haven for women buyers, offering the services of the Personal Car Shopper. What is a Personal Car Shopper or PCS®? Suzie and her team take on a variety of tasks including providing answers, research tools, determining the best financing and credit for each woman, and negotiating the best price possible for you. What you can expect from our PCS® Team are the following:

We are committed to providing a supportive and satisfactory buying process regarding your Baierl vehicle

We are committed to providing a clear understanding of the care and maintenance your Baierl vehicle needs whether it’s purchased new or used

We are committed to providing quick and realistic answers for your concerns and questions about the car buying process

No matter how confident you are it still can be intimidating in the male dominated environment of the car industry. Suzie is committed to raising the bar in the market by making the experience more female friendly, more rewarding and satisfying. That is our promise and commitment to you.


suzie knowsSuzie Baierl worked in the car industry for over 17 years. While at Tri State Auto Auction, Suzie held positions in both sales and marketing capacities and eventually became a Vice President. It was during her time as an executive that she focused on bringing buyers and sellers together and running the auction. Suzie was exposed to negotiating and handling all brands and models of cars, including new and certified previously owned.

After getting married and becoming a mom and step-mom, Suzie decided to re-enter the automotive world. This time, however, with her eyes on a vision to assist women with their car shopping experience. After becoming a mother, Suzie saw her spare time consolidate and almost disappear. It was then that she was determined to create a bridge – or, a platform – by which to assist women. Buying a car takes a lot of valuable time, and having a partner in the process makes a difference. That is how the idea of came to fruition.
Featured on the Jennifer Show and involved in many chartable organizations, Suzie and her team continue to make a difference to thousands of women in the Greater Pittsburgh region and beyond.

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