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Credit Problems? Suzie's Solutions to Credit Problems
Buying a car is hard enough without the handicap of a past bankruptcy, repossession or credit card default in your history. Even if you qualify for the best possible finance rates, high-pressure tactics and sleight of hand can add thousands of dollars to the price ... [Read More]

Working Within Your Budget
How much should I spend on a car? This is one of those questions for which there's really no correct answer that applies to everyone. That said, there probably is a limit to how much of our income each of us should be willing to devote to a car, assuming  ... [Read More]


MPG All Stars
OUR TOP TEN PICKS FOR CARS THAT ARE VERY AFFORDABLE AND DELIVER GREAT GAS MILEAGE. If you're looking to save at the pump AND at the showroom, BAIERL has some great cars ... [Read More]

Best Kept Secrets of the Family Mini-Van
Facts that will save you gas, time and money, Plus our favorite models.Do you ever wonder why you see so many minivans on the road? It’s because they’re great, comfortable, affordable, gas friendly, easy to maintain and safe…safe... safe! Minivans are sleek on the outside and are basically a full-scale media room on the   ... [Read More]

Thinking Small?
Many car shoppers are migrating toward smaller to mid-size cars. There are a few reasons for this. Smaller cars are generally more affordable. Smaller vehicles also tend to have lower licensing fees, which are appealing to most people. In addition, smaller vehicles usually get better gas mileage, reducing fuel costs. Finally, smaller cars are often easier to maneuver in tight places, such as parking lots ... [Read More]


How to Choose Options
Some accessories can be installed only if they accompany other items. Some features, such as antilock brakes or a larger engine, may require you to buy a higher-priced trim level or model. Domestic manufacturers offer more individual options than Asian and European brands, and trucks usually offer more equipment choices than. ... [Read More]

Child Safety Tips
Make sure children are safely buckled as well as yourself. Never leave children unattended in vehicles. Driving after dark increases the risks for teen drivers. It is harder to drive at night and teens are not very experienced. It is best for a child to remain rear facing to the weight and height limits of the car seat. Infants should be rear ... [Read More]

5 Steps to Getting the Best Deal on the Car You Really Want
The most important thing to remember is not to feel insulted if your salesperson isn’t willing to “give away the store” on your behalf. Some vehicles will require full sticker price in the case of a high demand/low volume vehicle. With Suzie’s help and following these steps, Suzie will get you the absolute lowest price for the vehicle you want ... [Read More]

Steps to Buying a New or Used Car
Begin by deciding how much you have to spend on a new vehicle. Your monthly car payment should be approximately 20 percent of your monthly net income. Check to see what incentives and rebates are available on the car you want to buy. Double check to make sure the car you chose has the options available to satisfy your needs. If you  ... [Read More]

Women who Drive at Night
Women who drive alone for the majority of time and those who drive at night need to pay close attention to the following tips. The following tips should help ease your fear of driving alone. Just remember, no matter how confident you are being sensible about driving anywhere at anytime of the day is the crucial first step ... [Read More]

Roadside Help & How to Get it
What is roadside assistance? What is included with roadside assistance? How can you get roadside assistance? Roadside assistance is a program that provides various services depending on your plan that range from reimbursement from a tow, manufacturer plans, and full-service auto clubs. Depending on which plan you choose  ... [Read More]


Car Care Tips
Change your oil regularly. Maintain your car exactly as you’re told to by technicians and your owner’s manual. Don’t ignore the problem or you may get a major repair costing thousands of dollars. Find a technician you can trust and stick to them. Get a price for service and write it down. If it changes at the shop, ask why. Always get a signed estimate. Check your brakes often ... [Read More]

Do or Don't Do It Yourself
At Baierl we have factory trained technicians, and state of the art technology to diagnose and fix your vehicle with the minimum wait time. At Baierl, your car will be fixed right the first time. Is time an issue? Let us help you. We’ll take your car and loan you our car. You’ll never waste time sitting around our service department when you have plenty  ... [Read More]

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