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Women who Drive at Night…

Women who drive alone for the majority of time and those who drive at night need to pay close attention to the following tips. The following tips should help ease your fear of driving alone. Just remember, no matter how confident you are being sensible about driving anywhere at anytime of the day is the crucial first step….
  • Make sure your car is well maintained and fueled so you’re less likely to have a breakdown (Servicing it regularly is important)
  • Make sure you always have your cell phone with you when driving.
  • At all times have your keys ready and in your hand before approaching the car, preferably in your fist with a key pointing out between your thumb and forefinger. Experts say you’re most vulnerable when getting into and out of your vehicle.
  • Always check inside the car and behind the seats prior to getting in your vehicle.
  • Sound the horn in any potentially dangerous situations. Please listen to your instincts.
  • When stopped in traffic, leave enough space to get around the car in which you are behind.
  • Keep all extras such as cell phone, ipod, purse, briefcase, shopping bags, camera, etc out of sight as to not attract theft.
  • If your car does break down do not raise the car hood. This attracts prey. Stay in your car.
  • If your car becomes disabled lock your doors, turn your four way flashers on, and do not unlock the door for anybody except the police or identified tow truck driver whom you called
  • Have a patient and considerate attitude toward other drivers-this will keep you calm and you will be less likely to engage in conflict while driving
  • If you’re traveling a distance, work out what roads you will be traveling ahead of time and check that your road map and GPS are up to date.
  • If you get a flat tire in an uncomfortable location, drive slowly to the nearest service station, restaurant or first public place.  If you ruin the tire you can get another one.  DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE for cost.
  • When parking your vehicle make sure it is well lit or you’re under lights for a nighttime return.  Park as close to the destination as possible.
  • Keep an emergency bag in your car equipped with bottled water, a blanket, flashlight, flares, canned food, and a help sign.
  • Never roll your window down enough for a stranger to get their fingers in.
  • If you are hit from behind by another car, put your four way flashers on and pull into the nearest well lit public place, call police with your cell phone and wait inside your locked car for the police to get there.  Even if they seem polite and are just asking if you are ok DO NOT roll your window down or open the door.
  • If someone tries to pull you over by showing you a police badge in an unmarked car, put your hazard lights on go to the nearest well lit public place and request a marked vehicle through your locked doors and windows 
  • If you are being harassed, remain calm; do not make eye contact and exit to the nearest public place.
  • If you do not own a cell phone please purchase a prepaid cell phone (usually under $15) and keep it in your car in a hidden spot near the drivers seat.  Its convenience is worth every penny in an emergency situation.
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