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Steps to Buying a New Car

  1. Begin by deciding how much you have to spend on a new vehicle. Your monthly car payment should be approximately 20 percent of your monthly net income.
  2. Check to see what incentives and rebates are available on the car you want to buy.
  3. Double check to make sure the car you chose has the options available to satisfy your needs.
  4. If you haven't already done so, set up an appointment by calling or emailing SuzieKnows at to test-drive all the cars you are considering buying.
  5. If you are trading in your current car, prep it for selling condition. Clean it out or better yet, detail it for maximum trade in value.
  6. Let Suzie negotiate your lowest price for you by using your “special” SuzieKnows pricing plus incentives and rebates plus money down or trade in (lowest price guaranteed)
  7. After determining what vehicle best suits your needs, Suzie will direct you to a SuzieKnows finance specialist. Consider extended maintenance warranty and service contracts to protect your investment. All offered at special SuzieKnows pricing.
  8. Sit back, relax, enjoy your vehicle and keep SuzieKnows in your address book so you can ask all your future questions you may have regarding maintenance, safety and care during your ownership.

Steps to Buying a Used Car

Car shoppers know that a new car depreciates by as much as 20-percent the moment it leaves the dealer's lot. Buying a "pre-owned" car means big savings because the first owner took that initial depreciation hit. That is why many bargain hunters prefer used vehicles, even though some feel that buying a used car can still feel like a bit of a gamble. With the right service and warranty plans on used cars you will not have to take that gamble. Here are a few steps to help you determine if the car you're looking at and want is good.

  1. Do Your Homework - Check all available resources and data, including the internet and automotive magazines, about the car you are planning to buy.  Eliminate those with bad reviews. 
  2. Take a Look - Make sure the body parts line up, the paint matches, doors open and close easily and the tires show even wear. 
  3. Lift the Hood - Check under the hood for leaky hoses, worn belts, and dirty oil. Automatic transmission fluid should be clear and reddish, and not smell burned. Radiator water should have a light yellow or green color.
  4. Take a Seat - Turn the ignition key to accessory and make sure all of the warning lights and gauges work. Start the car and check all lights and accessories and make sure no warning lights remain lit on the dashboard. Pay close attention to airbag warning lights.
  5. Listen - Race the engine for a few quick bursts and listen for knocks, look for smoke and make sure the idle runs smooth.
  6. Hit the Road - Take a test drive. Make sure shifting is smooth and steering is straight. When braking, a pull to the left or the right could indicate a brake problem. The steering wheel should not shimmy at high speeds, and cornering should be smooth.
  7. Check the Sources - Buying through the classifieds? Check the name on the title and match it to the name on the seller's driver's license. Many unlicensed, unregulated dealers are disguised as private sellers.
  8. Go to a Pro - Always get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection from a qualified and trustworthy mechanic.
  9. Use our Suzie Knows service to sign up for our Hot Listings - Used car shoppers can receive free e-mail updates and view listings based on specific search criteria.
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