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5 steps to getting the best deal on the car you really want…

The most important thing to remember is not to feel insulted if your salesperson isn’t willing to “give away the store” on your behalf.  Some vehicles will require full sticker price in the case of a high demand/low volume vehicle.  With Suzie’s help and following these steps, Suzie will get you the absolute lowest price for the vehicle you want.

1.    With Suzie’s help research a workable budget and a list of target vehicles that interest you.

Suzie will help you determine a target and maximum payment and she’ll match it to the vehicles that fall in that range.  A good rule of thumb: your monthly auto loan payment should not be more than what you can comfortably afford. Take into account the money you have available each month after you pay for your usual living expenses, rent or mortgage, utilities, food and transportation, credit card payments, etc. When reviewing your budget, you should also take into consideration other associated costs including fuel, license, registration, personal property taxes and insurance. Please don’t strap yourself.  This is an ongoing enjoyable process.

These vehicles of interest should fit your lifestyle, for example, a Mom of three should not look at small convertibles or vehicles with limited cargo space and seating.  Be careful to distinguish between your needs and wants. Suzie can help you find out the ongoing cost of your interested vehicles, i.e., gas mileage, repair cost, insurance, environmentally friendly, etc. Suzie can also check to see what rebates and incentives are available for your target vehicles.

2.  Secure your financing with Suzie by filling out the attached credit application if you will be borrowing money to help pay for the car.

Suzie will contact you with the best, up front, pre approved dealer and bank rates available for your situation.  This will eliminate the extra hour or two waiting time at the dealership when you pick up your car.

If you're not financing through one of Suzie’s available banks or dealer... don’t tell the salesperson which bank you have qualified as your lender at this point.  Only acknowledge that you’ll be financing the purchase (we don’t want the salesperson holding out for greater front-end profit).

3.    Let Suzie set up an appointment with her or one of her "Suzie Knows" specialists at the dealerships to test drive your list of vehicle candidates that fall within your target price.

It’s amazing how many women buy a car without test-driving it first.  Bring all passengers that you would normally haul around for the test drive.  Ask yourself if the vehicle parks nicely, can merge quickly, and whether it steers with ease. Does it accommodate your iPod, your children’s iPods, and their sporting equipment?  Can you see well out the rear window, side windows, over the hood?  Is the seat comfortable? Can you get in and out with ease in your work clothes and high heels?

4.    Prep your trade in.

So many car buyers skip this part and it’s really a “no-brainer”.  If you're trading in your current car for the new, prep your vehicle before you get to the lot for selling.  It’s simple and very important.  Wash your car and empty out the inside.  Make it smell good and appear as immaculate as it can.  A car that seems well cared for will get a higher trade value. 

This would be a good time to Ask Suzie for the approximate value of your trade. 

After you and Suzie have worked this process together, you should now be looking at the dealer’s lowest price.  At this point, you should accept this offer.  Once you’ve obtained the great deal on your vehicle you need to carefully consider warranty options and any extras that might help keep you on the road.

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